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Olga, St. Petersburg

I want to express my deepest respect and feeling of gratitude to Helena and the staff of the Clinic she leads, for their professionalism, tactful treatment of the patient in a difficult life situation, sincere care, attention in everything, even in the smallest things. Helena is just a Sorceress; with all her actions and words …

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Helena supporting the patient

Helena Saved My Life

I was a 34-year-old single mum with a two-year-old daughter, living quite a busy life. I had a demanding job where I was responsible for leading a team, I had lots of hobbies and an active social life. One day, I felt some odd sensations in my right breast and upon checking, found some lumps …

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Helena and a patient

TRAM flap reconstruction

The patient had been diagnosed with breast cancer three years earlier and her left breast had been removed then. Losing a breast is always a tough thing but I had consoled her by promising her that a new breast would be constructed once she had recovered. Three years after her mastectomy she returned to my …

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Rehabilitation - Psychological support

A Patient’s Story

On an evening in February/March 2010 while examining my breasts, I felt a lump that I hadn’t noticed before at the top edge of my right breast. The next morning I called my occupational health clinic, told them about the lump, and asked for an appointment with a doctor. I managed to see a doctor …

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Beauty and femininity
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