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Why Clinic Helena?

In Clinic Helena we take pride in treating Your breast cancer with the highest standard Finnish methods, which have the best results in the world. Our breast cancer 5-year survival rate is 91-92%, and the 10-year survival rate is 86%. Our overall post-surgery infection rates are very low (0,03% Finland, OECD 2016).

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We are specialised in all kinds of breast corrections and particularly breast reconstructions after breast cancer.

In 75% of our breast cancer patient cases, we can spare the breast during the primary cancer operation with plastic surgical skills (oncoplastic surgery).

In the remaining 25% of the cases where the patient needs breast removal (mastectomy) due to the stage of the disease, we offer breast reconstruction. For the best aesthetic result in the reconstructed breast, it is important to plan the reconstruction already during the primary cancer operation. In the early stage of the disease, if mastectomy is needed, we can offer breast reconstruction even during the mastectomy.

Our head doctor PhD Helena Puonti has developed a ”Sensing breast” method with which your newly reconstructed breast will not only be beautiful but also sensing. In this unique method, in addition to blood vessels (traditional method) also nerves are harvested and connected to the abdominal free flap which forms the new breast (Microneurovascular MS-TRAM) .

We are pioneers in breast cancer rehabilitation. We put our heart and soul into treating our patients and we will help you overcome your illness and facilitate your return to good quality of life.

We also take care of melanoma with the most up-to-date methods; all kinds of surgical skin diseases and we are highly experienced in aesthetic surgery.

We are here for you.

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