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Non-surgical facial care

Fillers & Botox

Non-surgical care options in Clinic Helena include facial rejuvenation with fillers and Botox-treatments. The most preferable filler consists of a person’s own fat cells. We recommend adding fat cells from a person’s own growth factors (PRP = platelet rich plasma), which can be taken from a person’s own blood sample. It gives smooth and soft outlook in proper case.

Face reshaping by means of PRP-therapy

PRP-therapy preparation

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is a liquid with high concentration of platelets produced from the patient’s own blood. First, erythrocytes are removed from the blood sample and the number of leukocytes is minimized. The remaining plasma is then used for the production of the platelet concentrate.

PRP contains a lot of so-called growth factors such as cytokinins, which promote the restoration of soft tissues and bones.

Similarly to mesotherapy, the PRP concentrate can be used as such and injected into the surface layers of the facial skin. PRP-therapy revitalizes the skin and improves its condition. The removal of wrinkles requires several therapy sessions.

PRP can also be mixed with the patient’s own fat cells (in a proportion of 20–80%). This mixture is used in the area of wrinkles and other irregularities.

A new field of PRP-therapy application will be in the treatment of joint diseases and tendonitis. Many people with osteoarthritis have already found relief from intra-articular PRP-therapy.

Sometimes the patient’s own fat cells can alone be used as the filler. These can substitute artificial fillers and Botox injections.

The body’s own materials suit everybody!

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