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Our services

Breast Cancer Care

Clinic Helena offers high-quality breast cancer treatment in Finland and
our experienced and caring staff will guarantee You the best possible care.

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Breast Reconstructions

Clinic Helena specialises in individualised breast reconstructions after mastectomy.
There are various methods of reconstruction and we choose the best option together with the patient.

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Other treatments

Melanoma, post-bariatric surgery and treating lymphastasis are within our plastic surgical expertise. We skilfully treat also scars, asymmetries, facial area tumours and other diseases.

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We see breast cancer rehabilitation as an important part of breast cancer care and have developed an individualised rehabilitation program for breast cancer patients. With the program we support patients’ return to good, normal life.

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Aesthetic Surgery

At its best aesthetic surgery releases positive energy in a person resulting in uplifting changes in all areas of life.
We fulfil this by offering facial, breast and body surgery together with injections and fillers.

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Clinic Helena

In Clinic Helena we take pride in treating Your breast cancer with the highest standard Finnish methods, which have the best results in the world. Our breast cancer 5-year survival rate is 91-92%, and 10-year survival rate is 86%.
We are specialised in all kinds of breast corrections and particularly breast reconstructions after breast cancer.

Clinic Helena staff

Helena Puonti

Helena is a leading Finnish plastic surgeon, microsurgeon and breast oncologist. She received the “Oncologist of the year” award by the Finnish Cancer Foundation in 2002.

Esa Männistö

Esa Männistö is one of the leading oncologists in Finland. He was awarded the title of the “Oncologist of the Year” in 2005  by the Finnish Cancer Foundation.

Kalevi Pulkkanen

One of our highly qualified oncologists, Kalevi Pulkkanen, specialises in chemotherapy and radiotherapy in breast, lung, prostate cancer treatment.

Clinic Helena

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