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Delayed Breast Reconstruction Surgery After Mastectomy

A delayed breast reconstruction surgery is performed in the period of 1-3 years after the mastectomy. The best possible outcome for the patient is to reconstruct a breast by using the patient’s own tissue, as it delivers the most natural-looking breast.

The reconstruction of a breast is planned already during the mastectomy. In most cases, an expander prosthesis is placed below the mastectomy scar and pectoralis muscle so that the new, reconstructed breast will be covered by the patient’s own skin. During the delayed breast reconstruction surgery, the expander is then replaced with the own tissue flap or an implant.

Own tissue reconstruction methods will be performed as free or pedicle flaps. Free flaps like muscle-sparing (MS) – TRAM or DIEP, gracilis, lateral, thigh or buttock flaps are among the best options for the most natural-looking breast. We use mostly MS-TRAM and DIEP flaps as they cause no asymmetry into the donor site. Doctor Puonti in Clinic Helena has developed a microneurovascular technique for ms-TRAM where the breast will become not only natural looking but also sensing.

The method chosen depends also on the patient’s body shape, general health, and own wishes.

MS-TRAM before the breast reconstruction
MS-TRAM after the breast reconstruction

Photo: MS-TRAM, before and after

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