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Modern Breast Cancer Care

Breast cancer has long been the most common cancer among Finnish women. In Finland, nearly 5,000 women get breast cancer every year, and at some point in their lives, every eighth Finnish woman gets it.

Clinic Helena offers state-of-the-art breast cancer treatment with modern methods with over 30 years of experience. Early detection, accurate diagnosis, and radical surgery are the basic keys to a good recovery.

Breast cancer care in Clinic Helena includes experts from different fields.

Breast cancer care

Breast cancer prognosis

In Finland, the prognosis for breast cancer is very good and it is constantly improving due to the development of treatment methods and early detection. In Finland, 91-92% of breast cancer patients are alive 5 years after the diagnosis and 86% after 10 years.

In cancer surgery, we are very high on a global level and our aforementioned breast cancer survival rates are among the best in the world.

At Clinic Helena, we treat your breast cancer with Finnish high-quality standards and methods that give us the best treatment results in the world.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

Women of all ages should pay attention to their breasts and observe the changes that occur in them. If you notice any suspicious changes in your breasts, contact your doctor.

The first symptoms of breast cancer can include for example:

Lump or nodule in breast or armpit
Retraction in the breast
Breast skin changes
Unexplained weight loss or fatigue

Diagnosing Breast Cancer

At the consultation, our specialist will examine your chest by palpation and refer you for further examinations, if necessary.

To rule out breast cancer, we use a variety of research methods, including mammography, ultrasound, needle biopsy (needle sample) and, if necessary, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the breast.

Breast ultrasound examination
Needle biopsy
Breast MRI

Breast cancer surgery – radical surgery helps eliminate cancer

We perform breast-conserving surgery, whenever possible. Sometimes, if compared to the size of the breast the tumour is very large or there are several tumours, a mastectomy is necessary.

If breast removal is necessary due to the extent of the disease, an immediate breast reconstuction may in some cases be possible, meaning that the breast can be rebuilt already during breast cancer surgery. Often, however, the new breast is built at a later stage when breast cancer treatments have been finished and the patient has fully recovered from the illness.

We are experts in breast reconstruction in cases of mastectomy as a primary or secondary procedure.

Oncological treatment

Often, breast cancer surgery is followed by oncological treatment, which can include chemotherapy i.e. cytostatic treatment, radiation therapy, and hormonal i.e. endocrine treatment. The choice of treatment methods is influenced by, among other things, the type of tumor, its prevalence, the risk of recurrence, previous cancer treatments, and the patient’s age, condition, symptoms and possible other diseases.

Sensing Breast

If you have had your breast remove due to either breast cancer or a gene mutation, it is possible to rebuild your breast. Our plastic surgeon Helena Puonti, D.Sc. has developed a method with which it is possible to regain sensitivity to a newly reconstructed breast.

With the unique “Sensing breast” method we restore the sensation for the new breast after mastectomy.

Global pioneers in breast cancer rehabilitation

With tailor-made rehabilitation during and after the breast cancer treatment, we support our patients return to their good quality of life.

Quick examinations and treatment

If you have already been diagnosed with breast cancer or if, on the basis of your symptoms, you suspect it, you can access Helena Puonti’s consultation quickly and without a referral.

Why choose Clinic Helena:

  • World-class expertise in breast cancer treatment, using the most modern methods.
  • Helena Puonti’s unique Sensing Breast-method – available only at Clinic Helena.
  • We devote ourselves to helping You recover completeley from your illness.

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