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Diagnostics are an important part of breast cancer care and all abnormal symptoms in breasts are worth examining. Seek doctor if You find:

  • A lump (tumour) in Your breast
  • Retraction of breast skin
  • Blood leakage from a nipple
  • Skin change in your nipple
  • Breast inflammation (mastitis) in women who are not pregnant

All these symptoms should be examined by mammography and ultrasound. A needle biopsy should be taken from every suspicious change in breast tissue. A biopsy can be taken with a Tru-cut or with vacuum aspiration, guided by ultrasound, MRI or stereotacticly with mammogram.

In diagnostics, the histological analysis of the needle biopsy affects the surgeon’s operation plan. It is imperative to define the size and the location of the breast tumour as the operation plan depends on these factors, too. The examination of the healthy breast is also carried out.

An MRI examination is needed when tumour size and location are unclear, for example in a lobular type of breast cancer, which presents itself poorly in a mammography.

Diagnostics - Consultation with a doctor
Diagnostics -  Breast ultrasound
Diagnostics -  Mammography
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