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Breast Reconstructive Surgery

Breast reconstructions- In the Operation Room

Breast reconstruction is essential for a woman’s quality of life!

Traditional breast cancer treatment has caused women physical (f.ex. hand-related problems, lymphostasis, body balance disturbance), social and psychological issues.

They can be overcome with modern oncoplastic techniques in primary cancer surgery, and delayed breast reconstruction, which will maintain the women’s quality of life.

A breast can be reconstructed during the cancer operation or after the patient has fully recovered from cancer treatment. This usually takes 1-2 years. For patients with high-risk cancer, it is recommended to allow three years for recovery. Breast reconstruction using the patient’s own tissue (autografts) gives the best result. Implants, tissue expanders and fat transfer are also highly developed techniques and offer a feasible option for slim patients who have little tissue of their own to be used for transplantation.

Most reconstructive operations performed at Clinic Helena are carried out using the patient self-tissue transplantation method. Particularly we offer the unique “Sensing breast”-method with free abdominal flap from the patient’s own skin and fat tissue below the umbilicus. By connecting also nerves from the flap to the thoracic wall into the breast area, the sensation can return to the new breast skin.

Sensing Breast

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