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Clinic Helena Opens a New Office in Tampere

Clinic Helena, which has been operating in Savonlinna since 1999, is expanding its operations and opening a new office in Tampere. The new clinic is located in the immediate vicinity of Tampere railway station in Rautatienkatu 27.

Central Location Next to the Central Train Station

The clinic is easy to reach both by car and public transport. Tampere is well connected also abroad and thanks to the international airport, patients from Sweden and other parts of Europe, for example, have easy access to treatment.

“Due to the central location, we hope that our customers will find us easily. As Tampere is a pioneer city in the Finnish plastic surgery field, we are confident that a new high-quality and professional clinic is definitely a welcome addition to the local offering,” the clinic’s founder Helena Puonti rejoices.

Treatment for a Wider Audience

The new clinic will also open up an opportunity for patients in Pirkanmaa and Central Finland to have an alternative to public health care, especially in the treatment of breast cancer.

Helena Puonti is excited about the brand new clinic. Clinic Helena can now offer services to a wider customer base both in Finland and abroad. “The Savonlinna unit has been operating efficiently now for over two decades and we continue to serve our customers in Savonlinna as well. Due to the changes in my own personal life situation, I have the opportunity to spend more time in the Tampere region and above all, I have an opportunity to offer my surgical experience in the treatment of breast cancer. We specialize in breast-conserving surgery, as well as breast reconstruction, either during cancer surgery or later when a patient recovers from breast cancer. The goal is that after recovering from a serious illness, our patients will return to a healthy and healthy life with a breast that looks normal.”

Inauguration Offers

The Tampere office will open on March 19, 2022, and an open day for the residents of Tampere and surroundings will be held in April, as long as operations are up and running. To celebrate the opening, Clinic Helena will hold free consultations, based on which customers will receive a 10% discount on booked procedures. More information about the opening can be found on the campaign page (in Finnish).

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