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How to check breasts by yourself?

It is worth taking breast self-checks into your monthly routines. A good time for a breast self-check could be for example every month after your menstruation, you can also put a reminder on your calendar. This will help you identify abnormalities in your breasts more easily, once you know how your breast should be. The following symptoms are not normal for a healthy breast but they do not automatically mean breast cancer either. Abnormalities can be a change in the skin (dint, redness, nipple skin irritation), clear fluid or blood leakage from a nipple, a lump, a feeling of pressure, or even a feeling that the chest is sore.

Here’s how to check your breasts:

  • Check the breasts in front of the mirror, on your bed, or in the shower.
  • Raise your hands and look at the shape of your breasts and nipples from the front and a side – are your breasts symmetrical, do you notice any dints or pulls in the breast? Put your hands down and do the same check with lowered arms.
  • Go through your breasts step by step – do you find any tight nodules, what about changes in the skin? The lump in the breast may be very small in size, and it may not even be tender or sore.
  • Check carefully also the armpits.

If you find something out of ordinary, contact your doctor for further examinations.

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