Breast Cancer and Breast Reconstruction Prices

We individually plan and price the surgery and care of all our patients.
Breast cancer treatment and breast reconstruction prices are determined by:

  • the preliminary diagnostics;
  • the surgery (incl. all medication, anaesthesia, overnight stay at the clinic) ;
  • the aftercare (possible postoperative leaks and infection treatment within a week from the operation).

Interpreting, document translations and travel planning are also included in the price.
The patient will receive the price estimate prior to the operation. The operation plan and the costs will be agreed on a mutually signed contract. The operation costs are paid in advance unless otherwise agreed.

Doctor’s consultation (including translation)

200–600 Euros

Oncologist consultation:

– First visit

– Control visit

800 Euros

600 Euros

Breast cancer treatment package

16 000–24 000 Euros

Breast reconstruction using LD-flap

20 000–31 900 Euros

Breast reconstruction using TRAM method (Sensing breast)

32 000–50 000 Euros