Abdominoplasty (“tummy tuck”)

If the elasticity of the abdominal skin has been degenerated, or if a so-called “sagging stomach” was formed after a pregnancy or considerable loss of weight, the best way to correct this is by abdominoplasty.

The surgery is carried out under general anaesthesia. Excessive tissue from the lower abdomen is removed and a new abdomen is formed from the skin of the upper part. If there is separation of the abdominal rectus muscles, this is corrected during the operation. Thus the abdominal cavity becomes smaller, and during the period of immediate recovery it is important to pay special attention to proper breathing in order to promote the healing process.

The patient stays in the postoperative ward for the night and is discharged on the following morning.

It is recommended to wear a custom-made girdle (a support garment) for about six weeks after the surgery. This speeds up tissue healing. Lymphatic massage also promotes better fluid circulation and reduces oedemas.

You should reserve at least three weeks for recovery.